About Me

Hello! My name is Jayesh Patel
I am a senior at the University of South Florida studying Computer Science. I am able to utilize my extensive knowledge in coding languages— Java, C/C++, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript— in unison with my time management skills, to accomplish quality work regardless of time pressure. My diverse background and experience in working as an Orientation Lead on campus, I have developed authentic communications skills that will be very useful while working on large group projects. I am also very self-motivated and have an innate passion for technology, which I cultivate through new challenges and difficulties posed my way. I am proficient in software development and look forward to achieving my skills potential through a challenging job in software-related fields.


University of South Florida

Gulab Lochab Academy

  • High School

    I completed my High School education in Eldoret,Kenya in 2015,I then moved to Tampa,FL to attend University